I’ve wanted to see the New Year in on Sydney Harbour for a few years now and I can now finally tick that box.

Sydney Opera House at New Year

Seeing in the new decade at Sydney Harbour under a blue moon sounds like a pretty good way to celebrate the arrival of 2010, and it was. From the north side of the harbor, near Bradfield Park I had a great view of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Harbour at New Year

As darkness fell upon the warm summer night a smaller firework display lit up the evening sky allowing younger children to see a display before they had to go home to bed. However, the crowd didn’t seem to thin at all as we counted down the time to midnight.

Eventually midnight struck and a great shower of fireworks began to erupt filling the night sky with color and noise. It was as grand and spectacular as I had hoped it would be, and like all such firework displays it seemed to be over far too soon.

Maybe I’ll return to Sydney to see in a future new year, but coming from the other side of the world I suspect that this would be a rare occasion for me. It is, therefore, perhaps fitting that my chance to celebrate the New Year in Sydney, and indeed the new decade, happened this once beneath a ‘blue moon.’

So happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a great New Years wherever you were. May 2010 be a great one!

New Years fireworks in Sydney, Australia.

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