Happy New Year everyone! I hope wherever you are that 2012 has gotten off to a good start. Some people are forecasting that this is the year the world ends, so let’s hope we all go out on a high note! Personally I think we’ll all be here this time next year, and with that in mind I’ve started a new photography project today.

366 pictures

I know a few of you enjoy this blog more for the pictures than my writing. With that in mind I hope some of you will want to check out a new photographic journal I’ll be working on this year called 366 pictures.

Each day I will endeavor to publish one photograph that I take on that day. The pictures will then be published at 366pictures.com where visitors to the site will be able to leave comments in the same way you can here.

Simon Jones as a kidGiven that I am still travelling, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be as we go into 2012. Right now I am in New Zealand, but I am scheduled to return to Australia in March in time for the first Formula One Grand Prix of the year. After that it’ll be off to Malaysia for round two, but then who knows where I’ll find myself.

Although I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, the project has come together pretty quickly. Just 4 days ago, while taking a walk with my friend Phil, Kerry-anne, and their almost two year old daughter Grace, I mentioned that it might be a fun and interesting undertaking to chronicle a year in pictures.

As soon as we got back to the house I began working on the site and while it’s not perfect, it’s online now. There are a few kinks in the design that need to be ironed out (mostly surrounding the immensely buggy and technically flawed Internet Explorer web browser), but hopefully those issues will be resolved soon.

I’m still going to be writing my usual blogs here, and yes I will be retrospectively writing about and sharing pictures from ‘North,’ my road-trip around Australia.

So check out 366 pictures and know that, just as here, I love reading all your comments.

Happy New Year everyone!

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