How the hell does one write their own bio without sounding like they’ve completely disappeared up their own ass?

Okay, I could tell you about how I jumped into a swimming pool to save a kid when I too was a kid. The hero angle is a good one though, in truth, that was probably the result of watching too much TV and believing that I was as invincible as any number of American TV heroes.

I might mention that I spent my childhood riding my bike as if it were a race car, and to this day I still have the scars to prove it. Or I could tell you how I loved sitting by my grandparents’ pond fishing for newts. I’d probably have to put that in context by saying that I lost interest in newts when I discovered naked girls or at least the idea of naked girls.

I could tell you that I’ve had a whole host of jobs and that I’ve been fired from a couple of those. I’ve been thrown out of Churches for not being religious enough. I’ve circumnavigated the globe 7 times and even met the Dalai Lama while I lived in the foothills of the Himalayas.

I don’t have a facebook account, or at least not one that I consent to. I’m social, but not in the ‘media’ sense of the word, I love coffee and bicycles and mostly live in warm places.

If you want to ask me a question, then get in touch.